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How to get a graduate job

Final years are tough for many students. Indeed, you need to do your homework as well as starting to look for a job, going through interviews… You have to do it all to be able to secure an entry-level position once you are graduated.

But how to secure a graduate job? Here are a few tips that can help you secure an entry-level job.

  • Select the right moment to start looking for a graduate job

Usually to secure a graduate job, it is best to apply early. If you are in the last year of your bachelor or master degree, you can start looking on website such as Indeed or the job board of the mobile app We Ynspire, in October. Graduate employers appreciate to select candidates 1 year in advance.

Key information: Start looking for graduate jobs in October.

  • Think about the field in which you want to work

Depending on the degree you have or the field that attracts you, you will be able to target specific jobs. It is best to know in advance where you want to work.

You can be prepared in advance by looking at their requirements for graduates programs and other entry-level positions.

Key information: Know in advance in which field you want to work.

  • Select specific key words

When you are searching for a job on website like Indeed, you can target specific jobs as a student, to see which jobs are available. Indeed, targeting key words will help you to have a large range of positions.

Plus, if you search by « date » and not by « relevance » on Indeed, you will have the latest jobs in your field. Is it best to be one of the first applicant in a job, to be able to secure an interview.

Key information: filter the jobs by date and not by relevance on Indeed.

  • Apply!

There’s no interview if there’s no application, so apply. Take an entire morning or afternoon once a week to see the latest entry level positions. There’s no secret, be bold. Apply to that dream job you wanted all along. Whether you do it on Indeed Glassdoor or We Ynspire, you can get that interview.

Key information: Take an entire morning or afternoon to apply to graduate jobs, once a week.

And you, what are your tips to secure a graduate job?

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